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Why was Listowel Business & Community Alliance formed?

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The formation of the Listowel Business & Community Alliance had two main aims. Firstly, the alliance would be a representative structure through which projects and initiatives could be developed and funded. Secondly the Alliance would present an opportunity for Listowel to market and promote itself to grow existing businesses, develop new businesses, increase visitor numbers and support the community and voluntary sector.

The mission of the Alliance is to work together as a community in partnership with all existing stakeholders (Municipal, Business and Community), to make Listowel an even better place in which  to grow up in, live in , work in and visit.

To achieve this mission the Alliance has been structured in a way to maximise efficiencies and to achieve a cross community representation. The Alliance consists of an Executive and three project teams – Retail & Enterprise, Tourism, Events & Marketing and Funding. The chairs of each team are represented on the Executive and indeed all members of the Executive are also on one of the four teams. Within each team we have representatives from across Business and Community sectors.