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Serving up nutritious, tasty and affordable dishes using locally sourced foods for Healthy Eating.

Lizzy’s Little Kitchen serves up nutritious, tasty and affordable dishes using locally sourced foods, and the beauties are all packed into biodegradable, environmentally friendly packaging. The menu is concise, and has just what you feel like eating: balsamic roasted cherry tomato soup topped with mozzarella cheese; roasted vegetable and chickpea tagine served with herby couscous, natural yogurt and coriander, or the mushroom and chickpea stroganoff, are the perfect, comforting antidote to a wet and windy Kerry day.

And, when the sun is shining (any day now, I assure you) then choose the zesty, invigorating choices such as the roasted sweet potato, pomegranate and mint salad, or an open veggie sandwich of grated beetroot, carrot, radish and avocado with a lemon and roasted garlic dressing, or open crab sandwich with lime avocado and toasted sesame seeds.

Nothing better, then, than to baptise your lunch with a homemade cordial. And then a raspberry and chocolate muffin. Or a blueberry and almond muffin. Or, maybe, both.

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