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Listowel Castle

Looming large on the Listowel skyline, Listowel Castle is one of our most intriguing and fascinating destinations.

Originally a fortress of the Green Knights, a hereditary Norman knighthood, today, Listowel Castle gives our visitors an opportunity to step back in time and experience what life was like in medieval Kerry. Situated on a steep embankment, overlooking the river Feale, so much of the original Norman structure remains. Consisting of two steep stone towers, connected by an arched wall, Listowel Castle keeps so much of our past alive.

Visit The Castle

Visiting the castle provides an opportunity to enjoy some fabulous views of Listowel town, Listowel Race Course and the meandering river Feale and surrounding river valley. The Kerry Writers’ Museum Writers’ Cafe spills onto the castle forecourt, providing the perfect location for poetry recitals and guided tours, particularly during Writers’ Week and other festivals. A new, modern staircase allows visitors access the castle’s upper floors, and discover some of its interesting rooms and chambers.

History Of Listowel

It also gives them an opportunity to learn more about the towns rich medieval, Celtic and Hiberno-Norman history. The caste was the last Fitzgerald stronghold to be subdued by English forces during the Desmond rebellion of 1569-73. It was the birthplace of Herbert Kitchener, the face of the famous‘Your Country Needs You’ recruitment posters from the First World War. For centuries, it was a fortress of the legendary Green Knights, one of three hereditary Norman knighthoods, the other being the White Knights and the Black Nights.

Listowel is rich in fascinating and interesting history, and our castle is the ideal place to begin discovering it. Learn more about the history of Listowel.

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