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Kay McDonnell (ITEC City & Guilds)

Established in Listowel Co. Kerry since the year 2000, affiliated to the Irish Massage Therapy Association IMTA & The National Register of Reflexologists (NRRI).

I am Kay McDonnell holistic practitioner and Author of “The Matter of Life ” published in 2011. I believe in the holistic approach to health and healing calms the mind and reduces stress thus improving the quality of life for my clients.

Some believe that medicine has lost its holistic perspective and as a result of which many people now seek help from ‘holistic’ practitioners who seem able to devote time to their patients and listen to their concerns. Such practitioners also treat the ‘whole person’ rather than only their symptom

By giving people a more positive outlook and in my experience time this helps the immune system function more effectively, calm the nervous system concentrating on relaxation  reducing stress and tension. Emotions are calmer, anxiety lessened and your general well-being increased. Massage therapy will help loosen muscles, alleviate pain and increase mobility. Both corrective and therapeutic

I am a qualified teacher offering diploma course in Anatomy & Physiology. Massage therapy, Reflexology and Deep abdominal massage,

I am qualified in the areas of Massage and Reflexology. Treating the male and female person. I offer specialised treatments which include:

  • Soft Tissue Massage – Swedish Massage
  • Deep Abdominal (Uterine) Massage
  • Deep Tissue (Myofascial Release) Massage
  • Dry cupping therapy
  • Pre/Post Natal Massage
  • Advanced Reflexology
  • Reflexology for babies /toddlers/ teenagers
  • Fertility Reflexology
  • Reflexology in Pregnancy (Pre/Post)
  • Specialising Cancer Reflexologist
  • Intense Pulse Light (IPL) laser Therapy
  • IPL Photo-rejuvenation therapy to treat skin conditions. Remove effects of photo-aging such as wrinkles ,spots, boosting radiance and texture.
  • IPL treating face/ neck and hands pigmentation/ sun & age spots
  • IPL treating Rosacea / facial red / spider veins
  • Dermaceutra chemical milk and mask peels (Anti-Aging Peel)
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