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Lartigue Monorail & Museum

Get on board for a demonstration trip on the world's strangest train..

Listowel’s Lartigue Monorial really is one of a kind; a replica of the original steam monorail, preserved for future generations and enjoyed by thousands of visitors from all corners of the world.

Visitors are taken on a short monorail journey, where they will experience the unique features of monorail transport, including its ingenious switching system.

The Lartigue Museum

Before or after their journey, guests can visit the Lartigue Museum and watch a professionally produced film of the original Lartigue, as well as seeing models, displays and memorabilia of the Lartigue and main-line railways.

History Of The Monorail

The Lartigue Monorail is a central part of the history of Listowel and transport in Ireland, and one we are very proud of. The original steam-powered monorail (designed by Frenchman Charles Lartigue) ran for nine miles between Listowel and Ballybunion. Operating from 1888 to 1924, it carried passengers, livestock and freight along a rail supported on A-shaped trestles. It occupies a special place in railway history as the only monorail of its type to operate successfully on a commercial basis. During its lifetime, the original Lartigue Monorail did attract interest from curious visitors and sightseers, so are so proud here in Listowel to help preserve this interesting and unique history for future generations and visitors today.

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