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Kerry County Council – Listowel Municipal District Offices

The Listowel Municipal District Offices of Kerry County Council provide convenient access to local authority services for the people of North Kerry.
The Municipal District Structure was established under the Local Government Reform Act 2014, and replaces the earlier sub-county structure of Town Councils and Local Area Committees. Kerry County Council has Municipal Districts which are overseen by Municipal District Managers, and Municipal District Officers and Engineers.

The Municipal Districts elect a Cathaoirleach & Leas Cathaoirleach annually, adopt standing orders to regulate the conduct of meetings, adopt Budgetary Plans and Schedules of Municipal Works, have authority to perform reserved functions, monitor the implementation of programmes of work, receive deputations, meet agencies and other bodies, raise, discuss, and decide on local matters relevant to the Municipal District.

Municipal Districts have responsibility for the delivery of a range of services in their local area with a focus on making towns and districts attractive places to live, work and invest.

Services carried out by each Municipal District generally include the maintenance, improvement and restoration of regional and local roads and footpaths, low cost safety improvement schemes, street sweeping, public lighting, public conveniences, school warden services, open spaces, parks and open spaces.
Municipal Districts are also responsible for the making of Traffic and Parking bye laws and the operation of casual traders.

Municipal Districts provide support on the ground which is critical to the success of many initiatives which drive local communities and economic development, working in partnership with communities, development agencies and Chamber Alliances for the development and betterment of their areas. Some of these initiatives include local festivals and events, towns and village renewal schemes, development of car-parking in town centres, development of recreational facilities and walking and cycling routes.