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There has been significant revisions made to the Safe & Welcoming Streets plan for Listowel following meetings with Kerry County Council, Listowel Business & Community Alliance and Listowel Traders.  

While not all of the recommendations that were made have been taken on board, Listowel Business & Community Alliance recognise that Kerry County Council have taken into account the changes that businesses have had to make, with most now operating a click and collect service. To facilitate this rather than the immediate removal of spaces, a number of existing spaces on both Church Street and William Street will now operate as additional “Set Down” spaces which will allow a fifteen minute “Grace Period”. “We urge people to use these fifteen minutes to avail of the Click and Collect services and Takeaway to support local businesses.” Paul O’Connor, Listowel Business & Community Alliance Retail & Enterprise Group.

As this is a temporary measure there will be an opportunity to review works in the coming weeks.  Paul O’Connor, “While this is not the result that Kerry County Council had wanted nor the result we were looking for, it is a compromise and we thank the elected members of Listowel Municipal District for their support throughout the past week during the consultation process.”

Details of the revisions are as follows in the following message from Kerry County Council:

“Further to today’s Listowel MD Meeting, Kerry County Council wish to provide an update in relation to the Listowel Mobility Plan.

Instead of removing the original number of car parking spaces in Lower William Street, it is now proposed to create 8 temporary set down parking spaces and rather than removing the original number of car parking spaces in Church Street it is now proposed to create 26 temporary set down spaces. Some of these set down spaces will additionally be specifically marked as Age Friendly spaces for the use of older adults. These temporary set down parking spaces will have a duel purpose. They will facilitate the click & collect (takeaway) business model, which many businesses are currently operating to and when unoccupied by vehicles will act as safe pedestrian refuge/passing bays, which facilitate passing while maintaining social distancing.

In total two spaces will be lost in Lower William Street and three lost on either side of Church Street. These spaces are solely for the purpose of creating safe pedestrian refuge/passing bays which facilitate passing while maintaining social distancing.

Although the perpendicular parking is being removed in a small section of The Square, it is being replaced with parallel parking, thereby still offering parking adjacent to the businesses in this area.

This revised programme takes into consideration the concerns of the Listowel Business & Community Alliance, Elected Members, local residents and traders. We wish to thank all who raised concerns and offered views.” Kerry County Council

To close a message from Rose Wall, Chairperson of Listowel Business & Community Alliance:

“The most important thing is that people come in and support businesses who are reopening and support local. Throughout the week businesses have been reopening, with the majority of restaurants now open operating takeaway services and our beautiful boutiques and shoe shops are back welcoming customers through their doors. The town park is getting ready to reopen the playground next week which is something local families are really looking forward to along with the return of Listowel Tidy Towns who are back out working hard. We are all working together to make Listowel a Safe Destination Town for residents and visitors alike”

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